Our company (L'EGOÏSTE) wanted to bring this bag, full of history and practicality, up to date. The newspaper bag is THE bag that is both functional and trendy, which inspired the current "tote bag".

It appeared in the 1940's, among the English and American newspaper deliverymen and criers. It replaced the traditional leather bag because it was much lighter and more practical.

It is a cotton bag, open, without pockets, with a long and wide handle that can be carried on the shoulder, slung over the shoulder or positioned on the handlebars of a deliveryman's bicycle. No matter how you carry it, it won't hurt your back. The young delivery boys could therefore put their newspapers and parcels in it and access it easily and quickly.

Paradoxically but ingeniously, it took up very little space but could still hold a lot of stuff.


We found this bag that we were looking for a long time in Los Angeles in a store specialized in vintage. You can see the original bag here.

We rethought it, designed it and made it with total respect for its historical shape, practicality and composition. It is made of fabric and has a large capacity. We fill it infinitely, without ever seeing the end of it, as if it had no bottom and that's the magic of this bag!


So we made this newspaper bag entirely inspired by the bag of the time and the modern and current trend of the tote bag. We have declined it in two models, this one is made of 100% cotton Japanese denim patchwork, with several original patches that represent our brand and our Ocean Surplus range. It can be worn by both men and women and allows you to have your hands totally free.


It is a rare, original and unique piece as it is part of a limited and numbered edition of only 50 pieces.


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100% COTON

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