The Polo Shirt Lezard


The Polo Shirt Lezard


The polo shirt is a garment invented by famous tennis player Rene Lacoste. He was not the first to appear to lay tennis in polo.

The most important thing, besides the design, is that Polo made on the basis of a special cotton called “piqué cotton”. Its special fabric provides better ventilation and more durability than a traditional shirt, while maintaining a certain degree of elegance.

The success quickly gained in popularity, and since the 1940s, tennis players themselves called their shirts "polos", although they used them long before polo players, until they became the favorite clothing of golfers.


To go back to the origins of this model, we explored this famous historical mesh, which is made up of tightly woven strands, creating a textured mesh of fine meshes with air passes.

The breathable and lightweight polo shirt provides comfort, lightness and elegance. Its environmentally friendly organic cotton mesh is above all lightweight and incomparably comfortable.

It is handcrafted, dyed and printed in Europe.

Available in off-white because they are an integral part of the brand's stylish style.


A polo is often more chic than a T-shirt and less formal than a shirt.

The sweet spot that we wear under any circumstance, and it can fit into almost any outfit without a shock.

We are now more into the minimalist trend and men prefer it without any logo, so we only identified it with our 'Red Edge' stripe tucked around the neck.


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