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  • The History of the SweatShirt
    Published : 09/21/2023 | Categories : All

    It is a garment that was created in the 1920s, in Alabama, in the heart of the sports fields of American university campuses. Historically it was specially created for athletes.

  • The Quilted Vest
    Published : 09/15/2023 | Categories : All

    From Fall to Summer, you'll love wearing it! Its quilted fabric is made up of two fabrics inside which a more or less dense thickness intersects. Everything is then topstitched.

  • The Indochina Field Jacket
    Published : 09/08/2023 | Categories : All

    It is a jacket that was worn by the French Army during the Indochina War. It was adapted to extreme climatic conditions. We have redesigned it in a more contemporary version.

  • The White Jean Trend
    Published : 08/30/2023 | Categories : All

    Discover the history of white jeans... Our house wanted to respond to current demand by taking up the idea of white jeans by creating 2 cuts, 2 canvas finishes for 2 distinct styles.

  • We take you to Biarritz !
    Published : 08/03/2023 | Categories : All

    Biarritz, this city on the Basque Coast... If you are on vacation in the area, if you plan to go there, here are some good addresses that we are used to frequenting.

  • The Iconic Field Jacket
    Published : 08/02/2023 | Categories : All

    The M65 jacket is essential, it was worn by the American army during the Vietnam War and it continues to accompany soldiers but also the general public.

  • Our Sneaker
    Published : 07/27/2023 | Categories : All

    The creation of the sneaker dates back to the end of the 19th century. It's the American brand Rubber Company which will decide to integrate a flexible rubber sole into its pair of shoes, the Keds.

  • The Dandy makes noise !
    Published : 07/27/2023 | Categories : All

    You know our flagship and iconic vest, the one that is part of our foundations; the Marius. However, our latest model tries to overshadow it, it's the reversible Dandy !

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