Our Creative Workshop in Lisbon

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A Family Story

Our brand ( L'ÉGOÏSTE ) is more than 10 years old. Since our beginnings, we have been working with the same factory located in Lisbon, Portugal.

The health situation put her in danger but we had the opportunity to save her and that's what we did, without hesitation.

Thus, for more than 6 months now we have acquired this workshop and are working hand in hand with our new employees.

We move forward, evolve together to perpetuate authentic and artisanal work while continuing to collaborate with our other beautiful partner factories.

Today, we are proud to present to you our workshop, our team, our family in Lisbon, this popular destination, facing the Atlantic Ocean, which reminds us of our DNA and the city where we were born; Biarritz.

The Slow Fashion

At a time when the textile industry is mass producing, we take our time.

We have a taste for a job well done and want to continue to produce original, incomparable and durable pieces. For this, we have kept the traditional techniques of making, so much so that our vests are assimilated to half-measures.

All patterns are cut and mounted entirely by hand, without any automation. We are the last factory in Europe to make our quilts by hand, piece by piece.

We imagine our models, draw them and realize them thanks to our model maker.

This workshop allows us to undertake all stages from design to production.

Create Without Limit

Our creative workshop allows us to give free rein to our imagination.

We produce our most original pieces, in limited, numbered or custom-made editions.

We can go to the end of our most creative projects.

Quality & detail have always been at the heart of our work and our concerns, and even more since the acquisition of this workshop which allows us to be ever more responsive and efficient.

Thus, we were able to imagine and start our next project; the One to One concept in which we design for you a unique piece made with a vintage and iconic garment.

But we are not going to reveal everything to you here, we will tell you about it very soon...

This place, we make it discover little by little to each of our collaborators, customers and partners so that they understand the process, the passion and the love that we develop here every day.

This workshop has some great surprises in store for you!

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