The Authenticity of Fabrics

It's a considerable amount of research work to find the most beautiful fabrics to give all the authenticity necessary to our clothes for each collection. You have to travel around the world to visit the most prestigious factories capable of providing impeccable quality.

Manufacturers worthy of meeting our requirements are becoming increasingly rare in this new economy based on profitability more than on sustainability...

The Design

All our pieces are carefully studied, designed and then made in order to best adapt to your expectations, with a desire to create an emotion in each of you, and to transmit to you our passion for chic and casual clothing.

We work each season to develop a complete collection for men with constant attention to detail and quality with the ambition of absolute perfection.

The Identity

The man consumer is looking for authenticity and ego. He is capable of uniting around a concept that corresponds to his codes. This is why men’s shop are often more opulent and welcoming.

Our brand responds to this demand and this identification code. Products filled with multiple values such as quality, conviviality, serenity and above all authenticity.

The making

We manufacture our own collections ourselves thanks to the acquisition of our own workshop in Lisbon. Everything is done by hand and in the traditional way.

The objective is to create authentic, sustainable products and to share our passion and emotions through them because in fashion there is not much left to invent. Everything has to be reinvented, starting above all with quality, comfort and timelessness.


Do you have any doubts about washing our different clothes ?

Do not hesitate to ask for advice in our stores or send us a message via our contact page.