The Worker Denim


The Worker Denim


This cut of the jacket was originally used by carpenters and later became a symbol of the jacket of craftsmen and industrialists, because it was primarily, practical, robust and simple, making it ideal for all types of handicraft and industrial applications.

Its various pockets are very useful for storing various personal items, tools, or a wallet.

Our updated cut for the Worker Jacket: A few years ago, with the massive appearance of sportswear and the fall of classic jackets, we realized that this jacket was made from work will find its place in our collections. We searched for a long time and found a real vintage work jacket that is over 50 years old and analyzed it, dismantled and rebuilt on the fallen and made a jacket out of it.

As a result, practicality is preserved, but at the same time it remains chic. That is why it is one of our bestsellers to date.


Then we saved: Its large patch pockets, to which we have added our famous ticket/glasses pocket, which is our signature. Inside wallet pocket with distinctive stitching. As well as its special holes in the sleeves, which allowed to continue working by lifting sleeves Original collar and loop.

Here it is in Indigo Chevron Fabric: During our various travels around the world, we found in vintage surplus an old mechanics outfits over 80 years old in an indigo blue chevron with incredible color and relief. Indeed, indigo is the plant from which the pigments are extracted for the natural dyeing of the threads of the fabric and which is used for dyeing denim yarn. Its peculiarity is that it does not fix color and fades over time, giving reliefs and colors that cannot be conveyed. I have not found it anywhere else. But this is the first time we see indigo yarn attached to the rafters in this way.

The result was fantastic and we approached our denim makers to find and re-manufacture this unique canvas.

A year later, after many attempts, stone sink, which would ideally fit the cut of our worker, at last we are ready to offer it to you. Please note that this fabric is also available on the vest as well as the ladies' jumpsuit from the Messaline collection.


The texture of this 100% indigo dyed cotton give this work jacket a whole new dimension. You will be able to associate it with different styles. With ripped jeans, biker style, or just plain white chinos, cardigan and tie - perfect for a chic evening.

It will add a plus to your look with this indigo blue that will never be the same as you wash it.


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100% COTON
Blue Denim

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