The Polo Shirt Cricket


The Polo Shirt Cricket


The polo shirt occupies a prominent place in the men's summer wardrobe, is a curious combination of a T-shirt and a shirt, but at the same time requires a sporty dress code, but elegant and comfortable.

It was born in the last century, thanks to the tennis player René Lacoste, and in the 20s in the form in which we know him today. To make it more breathable, he makes this piqué cotton polo shirt, which also allows it to be more durable than a traditional shirt.

This is the most widely used weave of polo shirts, as is our iconic Lezard polo, inspired and reinvented from this story.


But there are other fabric besides the pique, like this Cricket polo shirt.

We're going to define it as the mesh between the embossing and the honeycomb, this mesh is unique to us and is the result of internal development after 5 years of research. We wanted it to be heavy and compact so that it could hold up, but at the same time it was light and breathable so it didn't feel on the skin.

Thus, the polo shirt will have a much more elegant fall.

This 100% cotton polo shirt is more comfortable, more breathable, but also more flexible and softer than the pique cotton models. Its eco-friendly organic cotton jersey provides incomparable comfort. Made, hand-painted in Europe in a handicraft way.

Available in ecru and khaki, because they are an integral part and the basis of the stylish chic style of the brand.


A polo is often more chic than a T-shirt and less formal than a shirt.

The sweet spot that we wear under any circumstance, and it can fit into almost any outfit without shocking.

We are now more into the trend of minimalism and men prefer it without any logo, so we only identified it by our "red hem" band hidden around the neck.

Thanks to its structure and cut, you can wear it in shorts, under a vest or even with a suit.


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