We thought and designed this vest by moving on to the life, gestures and habits of a biker. This led us to make slanted side pockets which a motorcyclist can access much more easily, when he is on his motorcycle, to grab his sunglasses, his wallet when he stops quickly at the toll booths of a highway or when he goes to fill up the gas.

The shape and inclination of the pocket makes the movement towards it fluid, easy and fast.

Our house manufactures and produces for you pieces that are always chic, comfortable and adapted to your daily life, this vest bears witness to it!

And even if you are not a biker, you will appreciate the style of this vest and the practicality of its pockets.


This vest is in woolen cloth, it is a fabric where the wool is reworked.

It gives the fabric a more united, velvety and waterproof finish. It is a heavier wool because to be able to have the name "wool cloth", the fabric must have a certain density (500gr/ml).

It is not lined so it is quite light to wear. Its buttons are black.

It has 3 patch pockets and side "biker pockets", very practical for you, biker. 

Its cut is fitted.


It is a vest with a very pronounced style thanks to its shape and its pockets.

Its grey color is timeless and will allow you to easily associate it with the rest of your outfit.

F8 Gilet Original Gris

Data sheet

100% LAINE
Provenance du tissu

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